Estate Liquidation Services

How Can We Help You Clean Out, Clean Up, Sell Your Stuff for the Most $$$, Hold Your Hand Through the Process, Appraise Your Prized Possessions, Liquidate Your Estate, Sell That One Special Collection or Item, Send Your Junk to the Scrap Yard, Donate Unsalable Items to Nonprofits and Make Everyone Smile? 

Cleveland Estate Liquidation Services

What Should You Expect When Choosing a Cleveland Estate Liquidation Partner? Kindness, Transparency, High-Dollar Success Stories. The Latest in Digital Technology! These Values Guide Our Team of Kind-Hearted, Experienced Professionals. At, We Believe in the Golden Rule -- You Deserve to Work with a Team That Values YOU as Much as Your Stuff! Call or Email Today for a Complimentary Consultation. 

Cleveland Estate Liquidations How It Works

Once You've Made the Decision to Let Go of the Goods and We've Had Our Initial, Complimentary Phone or In-Person Consultation, We Visit Your Location to Assess, Professionally Photograph and Describe Your Items. 

Your Private Sale is Then Posted with One or More of Our Online Auction Sites and/or Partners for One Week, Where Buyers Can Bid on Your Items During That Time. After One Week (or so) of Bidding, Items are SOLD to the Highest Bidder! YAY!

This Process is Completely Transparent and You Will Have Full Access to Watch the Bidding and Final Sales. It's FUN to watch the bidding wars that happen in the last moments of an auction on items you might have donated or given away!

For the Big Finish, We Facilitate the Pickup of Goods at Your Place. Buyers Will Have a Limited Time Frame -- Usually a Two-Hour Period During One Afternoon -- to Pick Up Their Wins at Your Estate. 

Special Collections - Cars, Collectibles & Cabochons

From Vintage Cars to Cartier Watches, at, We Know the Perfect Marketplace to Showcase Your Treasures for Sale to the Highest Bidder. 

Whether you want to liquidate your Star Wars collectables or your grandmother's vintage designer fashions from 1956, our 30+ years of experience in the secondary market enable us to match our clients with the right online marketplace, auction house or private buyer, to ensure the most value when the time comes to liquidate. Here's a tip: It's never going to be Facebook Marketplace! 

Fine Jewelry & Designer Vintage Fashion, Vintage Lingerie

We specialize in fine jewelry, vintage fashion and vintage lingerie. Just call. Or email. We love to talk. You might learn something. We're good at listening, too.